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10 Pontifications on Theodicy
10 Pontifications on Your Creator
A contest I didn't win
Anybody Out There?
ATHEISM: the definition question
Hey Atheists !
Babylon Never Conquered Egypt
Belief is not complicated.
Beyond Pascal
Biblical Inerrancy
Burden of Proof
Categorical Relationships
Concepts & Categories
Cook's Creed
Core Differences
David Dana-Bashian Exchange
Deserved Offense
Determinism, Levels & Kinds
Emotions, Absolute & Relative
Defusing Islamic Terrorism
Epistemic Systems
Epistemology for Dummies
Extraordinary Claims
Foundation of Ontological Reality
Figure It Out (1)
Figure It Out (2)
Genesis 1 "Literal" Translation
God Perfect?
God in the Pledge of Allegiance
Human Being - Definition
Humility is not Integrity
I believe in Jesus
Justice Algorythm
Justice, Law, Mercy, & Grace
Knowledge Definition
Knowledge Outlined
List of Statements Agreed On
Logical vs. Rhetorical Arguments
Meaning of Life?
Morality Defined
Morality in an Atheistic Universe
Non-scriptural Monotheism
NSM Presentation
Best Argument Against NSM
Nothing is Ambiguous
Objective Morality
Offense: Deserved
Opposite:  Negativity vs. Absence
Pledge of Non-evasion
Prayer Test
"I'll Pray For You"
Pride, Humility & the Bible
Principles of Critical Thinking
The Problem of the Problem of Evil
Professional Philosophers Are Sellouts
Put Your Life Where Your Mouth Is
Put Your Life Where Your Mouth Is #2
Reasons for Doing Good
Resurrection & Rolling Stones
Scripture Disclaimer
Stupid People
Toy Story:  the Prequel
Transcendental Argument for God
    TAG according to Cary
Truth Seekers
Truth Seekers, Lie Swatters, etc.
Tyre:  The Not So Amazing Prophesy
Ultimate Truth
Understanding Religionists
What Would You Do If You Were God?
"Word of God"
Worldview Coherency
Zeno's Bogus Paradox