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c.300 Hopewell Exchange system begins in Ohio and Illinois River Valleys - more a system of trading networks among societies than as a single society or culture. 300 wikHHc
c.300 Mexico:  Cuicuilco, now the largest center on the high plateau of the Basin of Mexico, has substantial public architecture, including a circular, stone-faced pyramid.  In western Mexico, deeply buried tombs at the bottom of shafts are in use.  Located in the Mexican states of Jalisco, Nayarit, and Colima, the tombs contain ceramic figures and vessels in great quantity.  Stylistic names assigned to the ceramics correspond to the names of the modern states. 300 eah
c.300 Classic Maya cities of Tikal, Uaxactun, and Seibal, begin growth. 300 wikMC
c.300 TEOTIHUACAN, first settled. 300 wikPC
c.300 Chavin cities in Peru from 900 are suddenly abandoned. 500 mxfld     300 wikHA 200 bk
c.250 Maya numbersNUMBERING SYSTEM, 20 based, developed by Mayans.  Contains zero. 260-41 TTS
c.250 Mid-size Maya communities develop in north Maya lowlands.  Komchen and Dzibilchaltun are important Preclassic northern sites. 250 wikM
c.250 Maya glyphs1st written inscription in Maya hieroglyphics appear.  Stucco glyphs diplayed in Palenque, Mexico. 250 wikM
3-200 wikMWS

photo Kwamikagami
c.250 CHAVIN culture of Peru from 1000 ends. 300 wikPC     250 wikC, wikCdH 200 bk, jqj
c.250 Jarabarriu (final) stage of CHAVIN culture from 400 ends.  Proto-urban settlement pattern, consisting of a center of lowland valley peoples and smaller satellite communities in higher altitude areas.  Cultural specialization and social differentiation. 250 wikC
c.200 ADENA culture (part of Woodland culture) centered in Ohio valley from 1000 ends.  Rich burial mounds.  People live in small, scattered villages with round houses, wattle for walls, and thatched roofs.  Similar areas exist from Canada thru Minnesota down to the Louisiana-Texas border. 200 wikAdena
c.200 CHAVIN art phase called "New Temple" from 500 ends.  Chavin art decorates the walls of the temple and includes carvings, sculptures and pottery.  Art is intricately complex and deliberately cryptic, to be understood only by priests.  Eagles are common. 200 le, wikC, wikCdH

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