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c.2000 AUSTRONESIAN peoples from Taiwan migrate into INDONESIA, push native Melanesians eastward as they expand. 2000 TAWH-16, wikI, wikPI
c.1500 Tanged and rectangular adz blades are used in northern Philippines and nowhere else in Indonesia or Melanesia.  These are almost identical to those used much later throughout Polynesia. 1750-1250 mxfld
by 1500 AUSTRONESIAN peoples reach as far as Borneo and the Moluccas. by 1500 wikPP
c.1500 FIJI Island settled by Polynesians. 1500 wikPI
c.1500 LAPITANS of Indonesia spread to the Bismarck Archipelago and nearby islands off northeast coast of New Guinea in Melanesia.  Begin a culture that lasts until 200CE. 1500 PW 15, jrnkL, mxfld, wikP, wikPI
c.1500 DINGO, semi-domesticated in Indonesia from ?, imported to Australia. 1500 TTT
c.1500 LAPITANS arrive in New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands. 1500 wikPI
c.1350 MELANESIANS, speaking Austronesian language and making Lapitan pottery, are found from the Reef/Santa Cruz Islands to New Caledonia and reach FIJI Island. 1350 TAWH 16, 48
1300 mxfld    13-1200 jrnkL
by 1000 B76 2-485, 13-444
c.1350 Classic Lapita pottery begins in the Bismarck Archipelago off the northeast coast of New Guinea, and will continue until 750. 1350 wikLap
c.1300 Earliest pottery fragments at VANUATU. 1300 wikPI
c.1300 LAPITANS, in Melanesia from 1500, begin spreading eastward into Polynesia. 1300 wikP 1100 jrnkL
c.1200 AUSTRONESIAN peoples of Indonesia sail eastward to Melanesia. 1200 wikA 
c.1100 LAPITANS, ancestors of Polynesians, in Melanesia from 1500, reach Tonga and Samoa. 1100 TAWH 49
1000 PW 15, wikPI
c.1000 Easternmost Lapita site is Mulifanua in Samoa where 4,288 pottery sherds and 2 Lapita type adzes have been recovered. 1000 wikLap
c.1000 TEOUMA on south coast of Efate Island in central Vanatu occupied by Lapitans.  36 bodies discovered in 25 graves, as well as burial jars.  All skeletons headless with skulls removed after original burial and replaced with rings made from cone shell.  The heads were reburied. 12-1000 apscn 1000 wikLap
c.1000 AUSTRALIA has long distance exchange networks for ornaments and raw materials.  Large villages of round stone houses in south & east. 1000 PW 15
c.1000 Successive waves of migrations from Southeast Asia spread across Western Pacific, some landing and remaining on Marshall Islands. 1000 wikPI
c.1000 AUSTRONESIAN peoples of Melanesia from 1200, now occupy Polynesia. 1000 wikA
c.1000 Eastern MELANESIANS begin sailing north. 1000 wikPI
c.1000 NIUE Island occupied by Polynesians. 1000 wikPI

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