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c.1000 AUSTRALIA has long distance exchange networks for ornaments and raw materials.  Large villages of round stone houses in south & east. 1000 PW 15
c.1000 AUSTRONESIAN peoples of Melanesia from 1200, now occupy Polynesia. 1000 wikA
c.1000 Successive waves of migrations from Southeast Asia spread across Western Pacific, some landing and remaining on Marshall Islands. 1000 wikPI
c.1000 Eastern MELANESIANS begin sailing north. 1000 wikPI
c.1000 NIUE Island occupied by Polynesians. 1000 wikPI
c.900 Lapita culture spreading from the Bismarck Archipelago since 1300, reaches Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa. 900 wikP
c.800 LAPITAN POTTERY begins in Western Polynesia. 800 wikLap
c.750 LAPITAN POTTERY, produced from 1350 in Bismarck Archipelago, ends. 750 wikLap
c.750 MOTURIKI Island settled by Polynesians. 900-600 wikPI
c.500 AUSTRONESIAN migration to Melanesia and Micronesia from 1200 ends. 500 wikA
by c.500 Melanesians had reached Fiji and intermarry with Polynesian inhabitants. 500 wikPI
c.500 Asia-Pacific Neolithic age ends.  Began 8000. 500 wikPP
c.500 Earliest metal tools in the Philippines. 500 wikPP
c.500 JOCANO period in Philippines begins until 1CE.  First artifacts similar in design from site to site throughout the archipelago.  Metal tools, improved pottery technology. 500 wikPP

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